The Women to Women Foundation was founded in 2013 by eight Utah mothers who were aware of many single mothers in their communities who were struggling to not only survive, but to raise strong and successful children under incredibly difficult circumstances.  Our founders felt an urgent desire to change the futures of these families, and Women to Women was created. Our organization is run by volunteers; there are no paid staff members.  Your donations go entirely to the single moms who need it most.


We provide scholarships that enable single moms to learn practical skills and obtain educational credentials that qualify them for higher-paying professional jobs.  As a result, these moms can spend more time with their families and earn the income they need to provide for their children.  These mothers also become a great example to their children showing them the importance of education and the value of hard work. This helps stop the problem of generational poverty.



Over 37.5% of single parent families in Utah live in poverty.  That number goes up to 46.9% if those single parent families have children younger than five years old.  Many of these women work 40-60 hours a week in minimum wage jobs that offer little opportunity for advancement and provide no financial security for their families.  These mothers feel trapped and without hope.   Sadly, this begins a multi-generational cycle of poverty for many of these families.  Every community feels the impact of families living in poverty.


First, we find generous people (like you!) who want to share their blessings and resources with moms who are working their hearts out to provide for their children and find a way out of poverty.

Then, we:

  • Carefully identify mothers with the desire, the family circumstances, the health, and the innate capacity to learn new skills
  • Help them identify a career path suited to their interests and abilities.
  • Work closely with educational institutions whose curriculum and offerings most closely meet the needs of single mothers to learn practical skills that will directly translate to jobs with meaningful earning power.
  • Mentor these moms, help them find the right school arrangements, and provide the scholarship money they need to pay for it all.

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