Back To School Event

In lieu of our Annual Dinner please join us for our virtual “Back To School” event!

Come visit our website between September 10th and 17th to meet our single mother students, learn more about Women to Women, and show your support to these incredible single mothers!


Past Events

Unfortunately we had to postpone our Annual Planting Seeds Of Hope Gala due to Covid-19 but our single mothers still need our help! 

So let’s send our single mothers “Back To School”

Please donate today! Any amount will help. As we all work together we can bring hope and change lives.

Below you can learn more about just a few of our single mothers.

Still have questions? Contact us and we’d love to help! 

Welcome Back To School

Your donations are changing lives…just listen to a few of our single mother scholarship recipients to hear how!

Her Story

  • Lucy

    This beautiful and thoughtful foundation helped me increase my desire to grow and become a better woman.

    I am now finishing my degree in business management and have plans to apply to a master program in social work. This organization has helped me to stay focused and also motivated me to accomplish my academic goals. 
    It has been a blessing to have been helped and nurtured by such a wonderful foundation as Women to Women. 

    Thanks so much for all your kindness and support.

    Women To Women Scholarship Recipient
  • Linda

    I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the wonderful benefactors that provided a way for me to go to College and go through the medical coding program.  I had no idea that there was any help out there.  I know this was truly a Heavenly gift.  I lost my husband 10 years ago and was left to raise our son on my own.  
    I will treasure this experience of attending college in my heart forever!  This precious opportunity of graduation from the Medical Coding program opened the door for me to find the job I now have. This now provides a living for my precious son and me.  In the future I plan on attending Ensign College again to finish my education.  
    The Women to Women Foundation with their generosity and kindness gave me an opportunity that I never could have had on my own.  It helped me  lift and make the burden of being a single parent a little lighter and truly was a gift from God.  
    Thank you Women to Women for all you do to help us single parents, you are truly Angels sent by God to help us.  Your gift forever changed my life for the better.
    Women To Women Scholarship Recipient

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