single mom white back

In 2015, when I was four months pregnant with my third child, I was devastated to discover that my husband had been unfaithful.  When I confronted him with my discovery, he informed me that he had no interest in continuing our marriage and soon served me with divorce papers.  This was truly the most difficult, heartbreaking, and miraculous experience of my life.

As a mother and single parent, my first and most important job is caring for my children who are very active in school, sports and music.  It is extremely important to me to have the time, energy and resources needed to be a successful single parent.  Although I had a Bachelors Degree and a strong employment history in my educational field, at the time of my divorce, my annual salary for a family of four was well below the 2017 Federal Poverty Level and I realized that I needed a new plan and path for the future.

When everything in my life changed I felt completely directionless, even hopeless; however in the coming weeks and months, I discovered strengths I did not now I had.  Direction, guidance, support and help came from many sources as I moved forward, trying my best to live a life of faith and integrity.  While I know that my journey through this experience is far from over, I also know that nothing can defeat me as long as I keep my goals in sight and my convictions and faith immovable.

I am now studying to become a registered nurse, with plans to obtain my Bachelors Degree in nursing.  I strongly believe in my ability to become self-reliant and intend to take full advantage of this opportunity to further my education.  This scholarship is a great blessing to me and to my family.  It allows me to pursue a career that is better suited to single parenthood and also allows me to dedicate more of my efforts and resources to school and parenting as I work toward pursuing a career in nursing.

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